Incident Detail: 2014 Call No. 039

Call No.  39
Time Out
Time In
 Accident with injuries 
 25 Main Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

June 19, 2014

Company 22 and Rescue 23 dispatched class one to 25 Main Street at the Gas station for an accident with injuries. Chief 22-1, who lives across the street, responded and was on scene in seconds, and reported two vehicles in the parking lot of the mini market with 4 possible injuries, but no entrapment. He placed Rescue 23 in service. Engine 22 responded class one with 4 and Utility 22 with 3. On arrival, the crew began patient assessment and immobilization of one patient with pain, along with assessing the remaining patients. Two EMS units from 24, one from Schuylkill 959 (Tower City) and Medic 6 arrived on scene along with PSP. The crew assisted with transferring the patients to their units for transport to the hospital. The crew remained on scene until Recovery 21 completed the removal of one vehicle and Teter's removed the other. Command then placed the box available.

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