Incident Detail: 2005 Call No. 65

Call No.  65
Time Out
Time In
 Structure Fire 
 201 East Colliery Avenue 

No Photo Available for This Incident

December 3, 2005

Truck 22 was dispatched to Tower City, Schuylkill County, for a reported garage fire on Colliery Avenue. Additional companies on the call were Schuylkill Companies 66 (Tower City fire and EMS), 650 (Muir), and 655 (Orwin). Truck-22 responded with a crew of seven and Chief 22 responded POV. The Truck arrived on scene and was given the assignment of venting the building. The Truck, unable to access the building, parked on Colliery Avenue. The fire building was to the rear of 201 East Colliery Avenue, a 30 foot by 70 foot 1?-story former mill building, with fire running the length of the common area above a finished first floor garage. The truck crew vented the front of the upper structure with a 60 foot by 4 foot hole, and assisted other companies with extinguishing the fire. The crew assisted with salvage and overhaul, until released by chief 66-01, who had command.

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