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To our Members and Citizens:

We are always seeking documentation of our company's history. We are interested in photographs, movies, videos, stories, memories, and any other historical items or memorabilia. These could be of company events, parades, fires, accidents, people, even just general outdoor photos from around Lykens showing how things used to be.
    We are especially interested in:
    • photos of members (past and present)
    • stories and memories about the fire company
    • information or items relating to past apparatus
      (hose carts and older vehicles)
    • information about past Lykens fire companies
      (Rescue Hose Company No. 1, Hook and Ladder, Rattling Run Fire Company)
    • Photos or movies/video of fires or other incidents involving our company

    • .....pretty much "Anything" having to do with Liberty Hose Company No. 2
If you have any items that you would like to share with us, please let us know. Stories and memories can be written and mailed to us, e-mailed, or submitted via our feedback page. We understand the value of Photos, slides, videos, and movies. We would be very happy if you would share these with us and allow us to reproduce them. Photos can usually be scanned via computer, in your presence at a pre-arranged vistit to your home or other location, and will not need to leave your posession. Original movies, videos, and slides might need to leave your posession overnight so that we can reproduce them. However they will not need to leave our posession and great care will be taken to return your items in the same condition we received them. Other items and memorabilia can simply be photographed while in your posession.

If you have unwanted items relating to our company or town, we will be glad to accept them.

We thank all those who have already shared their photos, videos, items, and memories. Your donations have become prized-posessions in the historical documentation of our company.

Our Contact Information is on our Home Page.

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