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Dutch DC-10 Crash
Faro, Portugal

December 21, 1992

A chartered Dutch jumbo jet with 340 people aboard slammed into a Faro, Portugal runway at 160 mph on December 21, 1992. The jet broke apart and burst into flames. Firefighting equipment was on the scene immediately. Panic broke out among the passengers as they sought to flee the aircraft, which they were able to do through the exits and through large holes in the broken fuselage. Helicopters took 34 of the more seriously injured people to hospitals in Lisbon, 135 miles to the northwest. Fire-blackened wreckage was strewn across 400 yards of the airport. Smoke poured from the wreckage all day, hampering efforts of rescue workers and dogs to searched for bodies. 56 passengers and two crew members died in the crash and fire.

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