Incident Detail: 2003 Call No. 29

Call No.  29
Time Out
Time In
 Pump Detail 
 624 N 2nd Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

July 15, 2003

Dauphin County alerted Company-22 to have an officer contact them concerning this call. Chief-22 and Captain-22 arrived on scene to find a woman located in a first floor apartment, with cascading water coming through her living room ceiling from the second floor apartment. The officers turned off power to the building at the breakers in the basement. The upstairs apartment was in-accessible, having been padlocked by a constable when the occupant had been removed previous to this incident. Engine-22 was requested to assist with gaining entry via a window to the second floor apartment. Engine-22 responded with six personnel and laddered the building to a second floor balcony, where entry was accomplished through an unlocked window. Examination of the second floor apartment revealed that a water bed was located in the front room, and that there were numerous cats still living in the abandoned apartment. Having been unfed and without water for several days, the cats had successfully clawed their way through the liner of the water bed in search of drinking water. The bed was leaking heavily through the floor into the apartment below. Company personnel secured a water bed pump, and pumped the water from the bed out the window to the street below. Chief-22 contacted the building owner and explained the situation. Power was restored to the structure, and personnel left the scene. The cats remained behind, but personnel did provide them with additional food and water.

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