Incident Detail: 2001 Call No. 08

Call No.  8
Time Out
Time In
 Fuel Spill 
 670 Main Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

February 16, 2001

Engine 22 was dispatched to Don's Food Rite parking lot for a fuel spill. Engine 22 responded and Chief 22 responded to the scene POV. Upon arrival, the Chief found a large diesel fuel spill in the front lot, the result of a delivery truck striking a light standard and shearing off the truck's saddle tank, spreading about 50 gallons of fuel on the ground. A crew attempted to contain the spill and spread High Dry on it. Chief 22 contacted the County to get a disposal company enroute to contain the majority of the fuel. The company went available upon the arrival of the contracted cleanup company.

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