Incident Detail: 1982 Call No. 15

Call No.  15
Time Out
Time In
 Electrical Fire 
 Kimmel Coal 

No Photo Available for This Incident

August 2, 1982

Companies 22 and 23 dispatched to the Kimmel Coal Company property on Rt 209 just west of town for a reported electrical fire. Engine 22 responded with 11, and on arrival were instructed to place the engine down towards the rear of the coal shaker building while company 23 set up on the front side. There was an fire in the electrical room where all the circuit breaker panels were located, and power had dropped to the shaker. Company 23 members extinguished the fire, and 22 members helped establish a water supply by taking a portable pump down to one of the sump ponds to draft from that location through a long 2 1/2 inch hose lay. The pond appeared to be full of water, but when firefighters Shreffler and Collier set the portable pump up and stepped into the pond, they sank up to their waists in muck, with only around 8-10 inches of water laying on top of the black mud. Other members extricated the two firefighters from the mud. Fortunately, the fire was out at this point, and the portable pump was no longer needed. The two firefighters had to ride back to the station in the back of a pickup truck, where they were then hosed down and the majority of the mud was cleaned off them and their gear. Damage was confined to the electrical room, and after an extensive amount of apparatus and equipment cleanup, the company went available.

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