Incident Detail: 1994 Call No. 28

Call No.  28
Time Out
Time In
 600 Bl Main Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

July 22, 1994

Company 22 was dispatched for a spill that occurred on Main Street in front of Community Banks. A flat bed truck carrying chicken parts had a 55 gallon drum fall off the back and break open on the street. Traffic driving through the spill spread the parts from the spill location through the intersection of Main and Market Streets, to a point East of Dr. Bowers office. The street was a slimy, slippery, smelly mess. Engine 22 responded and attempted to clean up the spill. Product that could be scooped up was placed in containers for disposal. Bio-Petrol was used in an attempt to get the liquid portion of the product to come off the asphalt. The Borough manager was contacted, and he delivered sand to the scene. The sand was spread on the street in an effort to soak up some of the goo. The crew cleaned up what they could, and covered what they could not remove with sand. The roadway was slippery in spots for some time after this incident, with a characteristic bad odor as well.

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