Incident Detail: 1993 Call No. 10

Call No.  10
Time Out
Time In
 Set-up Landing Zone 
 Reiff & Nestor Lot 

No Photo Available for This Incident

March 14, 1993

Following a 28-inch snowfall the previous day, a pregnant young lady was taken by ambulance overnight to Dr. Lentz's office at 517 South Street where she went into labor. Shortly after 7:00 AM, she delivered a baby girl. But, there were complications associated with the birth and the mother and new baby needed to be taken to a hospital in Harrisburg. Because of impassable local roads, EMS requested a helicopter for the transport. Company-22 was dispatched, and Engine-22 responded with a crew of six to the Reiff and Nestor parking lot to set up a landing zone. After hearing a request transmitted over the radio for all available people with plows and shovels to report to the parking lot, about fifty citizens arrived and assisted the engine crew with snow removal from a 150-foot square portion of the parking lot. After the snow was removed, a handline was used to wet down and freeze the surrounding snow so that it would not blow up into the helicopter upon arrival. Life Lion arrived and the patients were successfully transported to the Hershey Medical Center ER. Engine-22 went available.

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