Incident Detail: 2021 Call No. 028

Call No.  28
Time Out
Time In
 Smoke in a Structure 
 422 Elizabeth Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

March 18, 2021

While the Truck was working the 19 box (see previous call) the 24-1 box was dispatched class one to 422 Elizabeth Street in Williamstown for smoke in a structure. Engine 22 responded with 6 with 3 additional members POV. Truck 22 was released by Command 19 and responded from there with 7. On the arrival of Engine 22 at a double wide modular single family residence there was nothing showing and Company 24 members interior. Crew assisted with investigation and ventilation using the TIC. A shorted out water heater was found and the fire was out. Truck 22 was placed in service while enroute. The Engine crew assisted Company 24 until released by command.

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