Incident Detail: 2020 Call No. 093

Call No.  93
Time Out
Time In
 Accident with injuries 
 6349 Powells Valley Rd 

No Photo Available for This Incident

December 28, 2020

Engine 22, Rescue 23, and Medic 6 dispatched class one to Powells Valley Road in Jackson Township just past Lykens Road for a single vehicle accident with injuries. Chief 22 responded POV followed by Engine 22 with 6 and Utility 22 with 3. Six additional members responded POV as well. On arrival the crew found one vehicle off the road in the brush with one person confined in the back seat. A second vehicle not involved in the accident had the second occupant sitting in their car just down from the crashed car. Chief 22 requested one helicopter, and when patient evaluations were done on both patients a second helo was requested by Medic 6. Rescue 23 crew popped a door and assisted with extricating one patient from the rear of the vehicle. A protection hand line was pulled from Engine 22 and manned. After extricating and placing both patients in the Medic 6 unit, they were taken to the LZ at Station 23 where Engine 23 handled the landing of both helicopters. Both patients were loaded into helicopters and taken to the hospital. Rescue 23 was released from the accident scene. Engine 22 and Utility 22 remained to assist PSP and Recovery 21 with investigation and removal of the car. After the roadway was cleared the Company was placed available.

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