Incident Detail: 2020 Call No. 059

Call No.  59
Time Out
Time In
 15 South 2nd Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

September 9, 2020

Company 22 dispatched class one to 15 South Second Street in Lykens at the Rattling Creek Apartments for an automatic fire alarm. Chiefs 22 and 22-1 responded POV to the scene, and on the arrival of Chief 22 on side A of a 4 story 100 by 75 foot brick over steel housing unit he found the building had alarms sounding and was evacuated. Engine 22 responded with 4 and Truck 22 with 3. On arrival, the Engine took side D and the Truck side A and they sent crews interior. Initial reports were the alarm was coming from the 4th floor. Crews did a primary search of the 4th floor and found nothing out of the ordinary. The Chiefs silenced the alarm at the panel in the first floor lobby and the rest of the building was checked. Having found nothing the box was cleared and the Company went available.

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