Incident Detail: 2019 Call No. 059

Call No.  59
Time Out
Time In
 Chimney Fire 
 528 North Second Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

August 20, 2019

Chief 22-2 received a phone call from the residents at 528 North Second Street in Lykens that they had heavy black smoke coming out of their chimney. He responded to the scene and after assessing the situation requested that the comm center dispatch Company 22 to the scene. Engine 22 responded with 6 and approached the scene by way of Market Street and set up on the D side of the structure. Truck 22 responded with 7 and accessed the scene by way of Pine Street and took the A side address. Utility 22 responded with 3 and staged behind Engine 22. Initial size-up had heavy black smoke coming from the chimney. The resident shut off the furnace before evacuating the structure and the smoke dissipated. The Truck crew went to the roof while the Engine crew went to the basement with a meter. High levels of CO were detected in the basement and the PPV fan from the Truck was set up to ventilate the building, which was a 2 and 1/2 story wood frame single family dwelling. Crews ran chains down the chimney and cleared out what they could and removed the chimney cap. The resident contacted a furnace repair service to work on the furnace. After the CO levels were lowered to 0 PPM the crews took up and command placed the box available.

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