Incident Detail: 2018 Call No. 095

Call No.  95
Time Out
Time In
 Swift Water Rescue 
 200 Main Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

July 26, 2018

Company 22, Rescue 21 and Boat 20 dispatched class one to the Lykens Borough Park behind the Municipal Building at the old Lykens pool for a person trapped in swift water. Lieutenant 22 and Chief 27-2 were on scene with Lykens PD. Chief 22 and two additional members responded POV, Truck 22 went enroute with 4 and Utility 22 with 4. On arrival of the Chief he saw a child sitting on a rock not far from the side of the creek who was trapped by swiftly moving water. Chief 23-1 and Lieutenant 22-1 were outfitted with PFDs and attached to ropes and went into the water below the victim and swam up to him while other crew members extended a 16 foot roof ladder down the side wall of the old pool. The two rescuers were able to get the victim and put a PFD on him and then guided him to the ladder for extrication from the creek and into a waiting Medic 6 unit. Rescue 21 arrived just before the rescue was completed. Boat 20 was placed in service. After retrieving gear Command then placed the box available.

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