Incident Detail: 2016 Call No. 081

Call No.  81
Time Out
Time In
 Structure Fire 
 301 Pottsville Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

November 11, 2016

Box 23-1 dispatched class one to 301 Pottsville Street in Wiconisco for a report of heavy black smoke coming from the eves of the address. This initially sent Engine and Rescue 23, Engine 22, Engines 21, 24 and 27, Truck 20 for the out of service Truck 22 and Rescue 21 along with 24 EMS. Chief 22 arrived on scene and confirmed a working structure fire. Chief 23-2 requested that the box be upgraded and Engines 20, 26, 29 and Schuylkill 650, Trucks 32 and Perry 2 were added to the call. Engine 22 responded with 6 and Utility 22 with 2, along with several members POV. Engine 22 proceeded to the scene by way of Market Street and tagged the hydrant at the corner of Plane and Pottsville Street and laid 500 feet of 5 inch to the scene. Engine 23 arrived ahead of them and tagged the hydrant at Rock and Pottsville Street. On arrival, they had a 100 foot by 50 foot 3 story duplex residence with balloon frame construction and heavy fire and smoke blowing out the C side first floor. Truck 20 set up on the A side and went to the roof, while Engine 24 took a hydrant down Pottsville Street and laid in behind Truck 20. Engine 650 arrived on the C side with Utility 22 and Engine 29 reverse laid 5 inch down Rock Street to a hydrant and eventually supplied Truck 32 who went in service on the C side of the structure. Engines 26, 27, and 21 arrived behind Engine 22, staged and sent manpower forward with the crew from Engine 27 assuming the RIT assignment. Rescue 21 set up there as well and filled air cylinders. Several attempts were made interior to knock down the fire but everyone was pulled out when the fire took over complete control of the building and spread to the adjoining address at 303 Pottsville Street. After an exterior attack, the mode was switched to transitional and crews re-entered the building and began to take control of the fire. Perry Truck 2 arrived and set up on the B/C corner, while Truck 32 was set up on the C/D corner. Extensive salvage and overhaul began and continued for several hours. Command began releasing units and eventually Company 22 was released. During the event, Schuylkill Engine 810 was relocated to Station 24, Rescue 49 to Station 21, Engine 28 to Station 26, and Perry Rescue 2 to Station 23.

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