Incident Detail: 2016 Call No. 070

Call No.  70
Time Out
Time In
 50 Reiff Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

September 22, 2016

While standing by at a scouting event in town, Box 22-1 was dispatched for the Reiff and Nestor Plant at 50 Reiff Street in the Borough for an automatic fire alarm, bringing Company 22 and Engine 23. Engine 22 with 5 and Truck 22 with 5 responded immediately, with Utility 22 with 4 and Engine 23 with 4 shortly after. On arrival side A, Chief 22 assumed command and was advised the alarm was coming from a building on the plant grounds known as the white house. No audible or visual alarms were present. Maintenance staff from the plant opened up the building and a faulty detector was found. Command placed the box available.

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