Incident Detail: 2016 Call No. 034

Call No.  34
Time Out
Time In
 Smoke in a Structure 
 326 North Second Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

May 17, 2016

The 22-1 box dispatched class one for a report of smoke in s structure at 326 North Second Street, bringing Company 22, Engine and Rescue 23, Engine 24 and Rescue 21 and EMS. Engine 22 responded with 6, Truck 22 with 5, Utility 22 with 2, Engine 23 with 5, Engine 24 with 4, and Rescue 21 with 7. Engine 22 proceeded in from Market to North Second and took the hydrant at North Second and West Street. Truck 22 came in from Edward Street to the address, and Engine 23 staged on West Street at North Second. Rescue 21 staged behind Truck 22, and Engine 24 and Rescue 23 staged behind Engine 22. On arrival, the address was a 2 1/2 story wood frame duplex with nothing showing. Chief 23 had arrived on scene, and went interior and did not find anything. The Truck crew laddered the building while a crew from the Engine with a TIC entered the structure to check the rest of the building. Lieutenant 22 and a crew from Engine 24 entered 328 North Second to check it and found nothing. The crews investigated and found nothing. Command placed the box in service.

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