Incident Detail: 2015 Call No. 078

Call No.  78
Time Out
Time In
 50 Reiff Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

December 13, 2015

Company 22 and Engine 23 dispatched class one to 50 Reiff Street at The Reiff and Nester Plant in Lykens for an automatic fire alarm. Chief 22 responded POV and on arrival took command. Engine 22 and Truck 22 each responded with 5 and Engine 23 responded. The Engine arrived on side A, Truck on the A/D corner, with Engine 23 on the C/D corner. Investigation and information from the alarm company indicated that the alarm was coming from a building in the plant complex known as the white house. An exterior search of the location found no audible or visible alarms. A key holder arrived on scene and the crews gained access to the building and found nothing. After an alarm reset, command placed the box available.

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