Incident Detail: 2015 Call No. 075

Call No.  75
Time Out
Time In
 Structure fire 
 15 South Second Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

December 1, 2015

The 22-1 box was dispatched for a high rise/high life risk fire in the Rattling Creek Apartments at 15 South Second Street in Lykens. Companies 22, 23, 21, and 24 were on the box along with EMS from Medic 6. Engine 22 responded with 6, and on arrival took side A with their own hydrant. Engine 23 with 6 took the hydrant at Arlington and Main Streets and laid in to side D. Engine 24 and Rescue 21 also arrived and staged. Crew initially pulled a 2 inch pre-connect and took it to apartment 208 on the second floor, which had reported that they had sparks coming from a baseboard heating unit. Other crews went to the maintenance room on the first floor directly below the apartment. A slight haze was seen in the apartment, but no visible fire. Crews from 22 and 23 using their TICs scanned the apartment and found nothing. Several electrical issues were found and building maintenance on scene was advised. Engine 27 arrived and established the RIT assignment. After further checks found no problems, command placed the box in service.

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