Incident Detail: 2014 Call No. 079

Call No.  79
Time Out
Time In
 Search detail 
 Powells Valley Road 

No Photo Available for This Incident

December 1, 2014

At the request of PSP, companies 22 and 23 dispatched class three to the area of the third bridge on Powells Valley Road to assist them with a search for a lost hunter. Today was the first day of the state wide annual deer season and the woods around Lykens were full of hunters. Chief 22 responded POV and utility 22 went enroute with 2. Additional personnel responded POV, as well as Rescue 23 and EMS from Medic 6. A staging area was established at third bridge with 4 PSP troopers, a game commission officer, Lykens PD, and members of companies 22 and 23. Command requested company 24 dispatched class three to the staging area to assist with the search. Rescue 23 headed to the top of the mountain to start their search from there in to the area behind the reservoir, and companies 22 and 24 headed East to the area above the reservoir to start in that way. Members of Rescue 23 located the hunters vehicle in the parking lot at the starting point of their search, and proceeded in and located the lost hunter after about 20 minutes. They escorted him out where he was checked by EMS from 24, and then turned over to PSP. Command placed the box in service.

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