Incident Detail: 2014 Call No. 064

Call No.  64
Time Out
Time In
 Unknown outside fire 
 177 Shiffers Mill Road 

No Photo Available for This Incident

September 16, 2014

At the request of Command 21, Engine and Utility 22 and Tanker 216 were advised of an unknown type of fire being reported on Shiffers Mill Road in Washington Township. Engine 22 responded with 6, comprised of 4 Company 22 members and 2 Company 21 members. Utility 22 responded with 4, comprised of 2 Company 22 members and 2 Company 21 members. Tanker 216 responded with 1, and Chief 21-2 POV, all class one. Engine 22 arrived on the scene at 177 Shiffers Mill Road, and found several persons standing by a large outside trash pile on fire. Chief 21-2 arrived on scene and assumed command. It was determined that the location of the call was actually in Upper Paxton Township, and a Chief from Company 20 was paged. Chief 20-1 responded to the scene, and the trash fire was extinguished using a garden hose. Crew members assisted with raking the debris around and clearing the fire embers. Command placed the box available. Engine and Utility 22 returned to standby at Station 21, and Tanker 216 returned to the fire scene on Botts Road (see call #62). Company 22 remained on standby at Station 21 until released by command.

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