Incident Detail: 2013 Call No. 032

Call No.  32
Time Out
Time In
 Silo Fire 
 4888 Route 225 

No Photo Available for This Incident

May 3, 2013

Local alarm on the 21-4 box dispatched class one to 4888 Route 225 for a silo fire, bringing companies 21, 26, and Truck 22. Truck 22 responded with 5 and Utility 22 with 4. On arrival, the Truck was assigned to set up and go to the top of the silo to investigate. Additional resources were called in to assist with the incident. Initially, the Truck was used to put water on the silo top to help extinguish fire while additional crews from 21 and 26 were working the inside bottom of the silo. The Truck was supplied by Engine 21 which was being fed from Tanker 21 and then Tanker 26. A farm specialist from Berks County was contacted and arrived on scene, followed by several others and eventually Harrisburg Squad 8, Rescue 1, and Air 35 were sent to the scene for the confined space team. On their arrival, they set up a crew and went to the interior of the silo and tracked the location of the remaining fire and extinguished it. The Truck re-positioned to the opposite side of its original location to provide a RIT second exit point for the entry team, but was unable to reach the area needed. Crews assisted on scene until released by command.

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