Incident Detail: 2012 Call No. 028

Call No.  28
Time Out
Time In
 Mountain Fire 
 Powells Valley Road 

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April 30, 2012

With numerous reports and visual sightings of heavy smoke blowing over Lykens, Chiefs 22-1 and 22-2 took Utility 22 and went searching for the possible location of the smoke that appeared to be coming from the area of the mountain south of town. With the assistance of Chief 23-1, they eventually found the source of the smoke. Thy discovered a mountain fire in the area of Powells Valley Road and Stone Cabin Run Road, about one half mile back into the state game lands. Companies 22 and 23 were dispatched class one. Chief 22 responded POV and requested 4 additional brush units and 4 engine companies for manpower. Engine 22 responded with 6, and units began staging in the parking lot next to the Minnich's Hit Road entrance and met up with units from DCNR. Crews formed up and began the trek back into the woods to attack the fire, clear fire breaks, and try and control the fire. Numerous additional resources were requested and sent from Dauphin, Schuylkill, and Northumberland Counties. A total of 14 separate fire crews spread out throughout the burn area and worked the fire along with 30 members of DCNR, which also had a tanker, brush rigs, and bulldozer sent to the scene. Company 34 sent their rehab trailer to the scene, and Engine 35 and later Cumberland Engine 20 (Summerdale) were relocated to station 22 during the event.

Units dispatched and on scene of the event were:

Engine 22
Utility 22
Engine 23
Tanker 23
Brush 23
Utility 23
Engine 24
Tanker 24
Attack 20
Utility 20
Utility 21
Brush 26
Brush 29
Engine 216
Brush 19
Utility 35
Engine 35 to station 22 (Linglestown)
Rehab and Utility 34 (Paxtonia)
Utility 31 (Edgemont)
Schuylkill Brush 650 (Muir)
Schuylkill Brush 14-40 (Sacramento)
Schuylkill Brush 14-70
Schuylkill Brush 58-40 (Pine Grove)
Schuylkill Brush 21-40 (Ravine)
Northumberland Brush 653 (Sunbury)
Cumberland Engine 20 (Summerdale) to station 22
DEMA director 1
DEMA 3, 10, and 12
Life Lion (flyover)
Medic 6
DCNR multiple units

Units worked the fire for several hours until control was made. Command began releasing units as mop up continued, with the total acreage involved at 59.4 acres burned.

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