Incident Detail: 2011 Call No. 059

Call No.  59
Time Out
Time In
 Structure Fire 
 24 Parkers Lane 

No Photo Available for This Incident

July 13, 2011

Truck 22 and Tanker 24 from Dauphin County dispatched class one to 24 Parkers Lane in Porter Township, the village of Muir, for a basement fire. Porter Township companies Muir, Orwin, Sheridan, and Joliett dispatched through Schuylkill County. Truck 22 responded with 6 and Chief 22 POV. On arrival, the Truck was beached and the crew carried hand tools back a lane to side A of the structure, which at this time was showing fire throughout the first floor and venting out the second floor gable window. Two members laddered and went to the roof and vented the structure, while the rest of the crew laddered the rest of the building and started suppression. Command 650 struck the 2nd alarm, which brought Dauphin Engine 23 and Rescue 21 to the scene, along with Schuylkill Rescue 21 from Ravine and Sacramento Engine 14-10. Crews vented the C side gable and an initial knockdown was achieved, but fire had all ready traveled through several void spaces throughout the rest of the structure. Fire broke through the roof and had a run of the 2nd floor. A crew from Rescue 21 under the direction of Chief 21-2 went interior and worked their way to the second floor, and were able to get a knock on the fire. A member of Engine 647 fell through the first floor to the basement, and a mayday was called. Members from the manpower pool were able to remove the firefighter safely with no injuries. Ravine Rescue 21 arrived on scene and established the RIT assignment. A crew from Tanker 24 relieved the 22 roof crew and continued with venting. Control was marked, and a long evening of overhaul was undertaken. Crew assisted where needed with final extinguishment and overhaul activities. One of the 22 roof crew was taken to the hospital by EMS for dehydration and was returned home later in the evening. Command began releasing units and after completing their assignments, the 22 crew was placed available and returned.

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