Incident Detail: 2011 Call No. 040

Call No.  40
Time Out
Time In
 Commercial Fire Alarm 
 300 Chestnut Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

May 27, 2011

Companies 22 and 23 dispatched class one to 300 Chestnut Street at the Alva Laval plant for a commercial automatic fire alarm. This alarm came in during a torrential downpour with heavy thunder and lightning. Chief 22 responded POV to the scene, Engine 22 responded with 4, and Truck 22 held in quarters with 2. Engine 23 responded and arrived on scene at the A/B corner. Chief 22 arrived and assumed command. He was advised by plant personnel that the alarm panel was showing an activation in a section of the plant known as the Cooper Building. Engine 22 arrived on scene at the Cooper Building on side D, and the crew investigated. Finding no problems, Chief 22 placed the box available.

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