Incident Detail: 2009 Call No. 83

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Call No.  83
Time Out
Time In
 Animal Rescue 
 647 South Street 

December 18, 2009

Company 22 was dispatched class 3 to 647 South Street for an animal rescue. Chief 22 responded POV to the scene. Information provided by County was that a dog was trapped under an outbuilding to the rear of that address. Truck 22 responded with a crew of seven, and met with Chief 22 on the scene. It was decided to request that Rescue 23 be dispatched class 3 to provide use of air bags. Rescue 23 responded with a crew of seven, and staged on side A in front of Truck 22. The air bags were used to raise the outbuilding and allow the owner to retrieve his dog unharmed. All units were then placed available by command.

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