Incident Detail: 2008 Call No. 35

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Call No.  35
Time Out
Time In
 Structure Fire 
 51 Reiff Street 

May 31, 2008

Shortly before midnight on Saturday, May 31, 2008, a commercial fire alarm was dispatched on a 22-3 box for a report of a structure fire at the Reiff and Nestor Plant on Reiff Street. Dispatched were Company 22, Engine 23 (Wiconisco), Engine and Rescue 21 (Elizabethville), and Engine 66 (Sheridan)in place of the out of service Engine 24 (Williamstown). Later into the incident, Tankers 22 and 23 responded to the call as well. Members arriving at the fire station could see a smoke header and the orange glow of the fire and reported a working fire. Follow-up information from the Communication Center advised that the structure involved was located to the rear of the plant, across Rattling Creek, and was a storage type building. Engine 22 responded with a crew of six, Tanker 22 responded with a crew of two, Chiefs 22 and 22-1 responded to the scene via POV. Engine 22 accessed the scene via Reiff Street and West Street. The crew made connection to the hydrant, and the engine proceeded around the west side of the plant to the rear along the creek bank, where the crew observed a fully involved approximately 20 foot by 50 foot pole building with fire through the entire roof. There was no exposure issue other than some trees and brush surrounding the building. A 3-inch blitz line was pulled off Engine 22 and taken to the creek bank and placed in service, throwing water across the creek onto the structure. Engine 23 arrived and accessed the scene from the parking lot via a space between the rear of the plant and an outbuilding that is commonly known as the "White House". A 3-inch supply line from Engine 22 was set up to supply water to Engine 23, and the deck gun on Engine 23 was placed into operation. Engine 21 was directed to the structure by crossing the creek on the Edward Street bridge, then heading out Railroad Street to the end of the paved roadway, and proceeding to the scene by a dirt lane. Engine 21 was supplied by Tanker 23, and placed an 1?-inch line in service to extinguish visible fire. Engine 66 was directed to relocate to Station 22 during their response. Most of the visible fire was knocked down in a short period of time, after which Companies 21 and 23 were placed available, while Engine 66 was held in Station 22. Engine 22 disconnected from the hydrant and proceeded across the creek by way of the Edward Street bridge, where the crew performed overhaul on the structure using on board tank water. After overhaul was completed, Engine and Tanker 22 went available and Engine 66 was released from standby.

Also see 2008 call #36 for more information about this fire.

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