Incident Detail: 2008 Call No. 07

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Call No.  7
Time Out
Time In
 Structure Fire 
 175 Honeymoon Trail Rd 

February 11, 2008

Company 27 was originally dispatched to Honeymoon Trail Road in Lykens Township for a reported chimney fire. Chief 27 responded POV, along with Engine, Rescue, and Tanker 27. Upon the Chief's arrival, he requested that the full box be dispatched for a working fire. The home was a double wide modular, with a gabled roof over the original tin roof, and a one-story addition added. The first alarm assignment brought Berrysburg Squad 26, Klingerstown Engine and Tanker 65, Lykens Truck 22, and Schuylkill Engine 1410 and Tanker 1430 from Sacramento, along with EMS from Medic 6. Truck 22 responded with a crew of seven, and was directed to the C/D corner by command and instructed to set up and go to the roof for ventilation. The crew cut three 8 foot holes in the roof and pulled about a half dozen roof vents off to assist interior crews by providing ventilation. Extensive overhaul was needed, as the fire was running the gap between the gabled roof trusses and the original tin roof below. Company 27 members went up through a hatchway from below to work the area between the two roofs, while the Company 22 crew was performing the ventilation. Large sections of the roof trusses were burned through, with a portion of the roof rendered unstable. The crew dug through the openings and pulled embers and charred areas out and soaked them with water. After control was marked, the crew tarped the openings in the roof, and secured the tarps with furring strips and nails to hold them in place. Truck 22 was then placed available by command.

Fire Scene
Fire Scene
Roof Work

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