Incident Detail: 2007 Call No. 28

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Call No.  28
Time Out
Time In
 Vehicle into a Structure 
 710 Main Street 

May 19, 2007

Engines 22 and 23 were dispatched to 710 Main Street for an accident, reported as a vehicle into a structure. Engine 22 responded with a crew of four, and Chief 22 responded POV. Engine 22 arrived and found PD and EMS already on location. A pickup truck that was heading West on Main Street had spun around 180? and slammed sideways into a two story duplex near the Catholic Church. The driver was unhurt and in the custody of PD. The vehicle had crashed into the front wall and a support concrete block wall of the home and came to rest against a 250 gallon fuel oil tank in the basement. The front porch of the home was sagging, and the floor of the first-floor living room had a noticable droop. No one was in the home at the time of the accident. Engine 23 arrived on scene, and the crews from both companies worked on supporting the front of the building. Extensive cribbing was performed. No fuel was found leaking from either the vehicle or the fuel oil tank. After the building was stabilized, Chief 21-3, from West End Garage, used his rollback to remove the pickup truck from the structure. The crews remained on scene until the vehicle was successfully removed, then they went available.

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