Incident Detail: 2007 Call No. 20

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Call No.  20
Time Out
Time In
 Structure Fire 
 222 North Second Street 

March 10, 2007

Company 22, Engine and Squad 23, Engine 24, Rescue 21, Schuylkill Air-Light 66-60, and Medic 6 were dispatched to 222 North Second Street for a report of an attic fire. Chief 22-1 responded to the scene and arrived to find a light smoke condition, and the owner reporting that he thought he had the fire out with a dry chem extinguisher. Chief 22 responded to the scene and established command. Engine 22 responded with a crew of six, and Truck 22 with a crew of five. Engine 22 arrived on scene to find a light smoke condition. Engine 22 had side A/B and hit the hydrant at the intersection of Edward and North Second Streets. Engine 23 had side C. Truck 22 took side A. Most other units staged on Division Street. A crew entered the stairwell to the attic, and found heavy black smoke. Flashover occured shortly thereafter, with fire self venting through side attic windows. A hose line was advanced up the stairway, where the crew was met with heavy fire and smoke until the truck crew, assisted by a Rescue 21 crew, vented the roof. The crew from Company 23 went into the other half of the duplex and saw light smoke in the attic, but no extension. The Bulk of the fire was knocked down with one 2-inch hand line, with a backup line pulled but not charged. Company 23 also had a hose line charged. There was extensive damage to attic with a lot of overhaul performed.

Rescue 66 was also dispatched and assisted on the scene. The Tower City crew was used as RIT. Medic 6 set up rehab at the A/D corner.

One firefighter was injured when she was bitten on the finger by a cat on the second floor.

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