Incident Detail: 2007 Call No. 12

Call No.  12
Time Out
Time In
 Basement flooding 
 537 Spruce Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

February 12, 2007

While the line officers were attending a meeting at Station 22, Dauphin County paged Chief 22 to call the communications center. The Chief was advised of a water line break in the basement of the multi-family apartment building on Spruce Street, which was formerly the old opera house. Chiefs 22 and 22-1 responded class 3 to the scene, and requested Engine 22 to respond to assist. Engine 22 responded class 3, and found that Chief 22-1 had shut off the water line to the laundry room in the basement. Approximately five inches of water covered the floor. A portable trash pump was placed in the laundry room and the water was pumped outside to the street, after which, the crew cleaned up the equipment and went available.

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