Incident Detail: 1934 Call No. 01

Call No.  1
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 Multiple Structure Fire 
 Main Street 

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January 2, 1934

At 1 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, January 2, 1934, fire was discovered by five boys playing at the rear of the Main Street buildings owned by Harry Forman, Dr. J. N. Baker, and Guy Klinger. The fire seems to have been centered midway between the three buildings. The boys, Harry Collier, Jack Messner, Bobbie Kosier, James Nutt, and Bobby Mucher ran around the corner to the Lykens hosehouse, where Harper Dunlap was on duty. He sounded the alarm. The fire soon spread under the tin and slate roofs to the three buildings, and threatened the entire business block. The Lykens firemen immediately answered the alarm and upon arrival started their difficult battle to locate and extinguish the blaze. Because of the difficult building construction, the fire was believed to be spreading, and a call for assistance was sent to nearby towns. To this call, firemen and apparatus came from Millersburg, Elizabethville, Wiconisco, and Williamstown. The four out-of-town companies set to work laying hose lines and soon had their pumpers at work, which labored considerably more than two hours throwing water on the three structures from eight hoses. In the Forman Building, the first floor occupied by the clothing store of Mr. Harry Forman, the bulk of the stock and fixtures were removed. Mr. Forman, who resided in the second floor of the building, was unable to remove any of his furniture. The greatest damage to the house furnishings was done by water. The next building in the block, owned by Dr. J. Nevin Baker, the first floor was occupied by the furniture store of Mr. Mayers Forman. The bulk of the stock was saved. On the second floor, all of the dental equipment of Dr. Baker, including a recently purchase X-Ray device, was destroyed. In the same building on the second floor, the office of Assistant District Attorney, E. LeRoy Keen, furniture, and a valuable law library were also destroyed. The Texas Restaurant, also on the first floor of the Baker building was damaged by water. In the Klinger building, the post office was housed on the first floor. All the mail and equipment was saved, and temporary quarters was established in the Leo Building on East Main Street. The bulk of the fire damage was suffered in the second floor apartment, tenanted by Mr. Harry Sitlinger, who was successful in removing part of the house furnishings. The furnishings of Mr. Klinger, who also lived in the building, were removed. Main Street was crowded with spectators, who, before the fire became dangerous, helped residents and business people in saving merchandise and personal property. The fire was fought for more than three hours, and the loss was estimated at $100,000.

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