Incident Detail: 1953 Call No. 01

Call No.  1
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 Dance Hall 

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May 30, 1953

A bolt of lightning struck the east end of the dance pavilion in the West Borough Park on the afternoon of Saturday, May 30, 1953, at about 2:10 p.m., and caused the building to set afire with an almost total destruction of the structure. The bolt of lightning and resulting fire set up such a terrific heat and spread so rapidly that firemen were hampered in their efforts to extinguish the blaze. It is thought that the fire started in the record room where over 2000 records, used for dancing, were destroyed. It then spread rapidly throughout the building. Equipment loss alone was estimated at $5,800 by a member of the park committee and the building itself is considered almost a total loss. Modern kitchen equipment, radio equipment, and playground equipment were among the items destroyed in the fire. Both Lykens and Wiconisco fire companies responded to the blaze and did excellent work, considering the fire spread so rapidly.

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