Incident Detail: 1942 Call No. 01

Call No.  1
Time Out
Time In
 Sholley's Service Station 

January 11, 1942

Damage estimated at $12,000 to $15,000 was caused by fire on Sunday morning, January 11, 1942, when the Sholley Service Station, west of Lykens was completely destroyed by fire. Firemen from Lykens, Williamstown, Wiconisco, and Elizabethville tried to halt the advance of the flames, which was discovered at approximately 10:30AM and burned for more than two hours. While definate assurance is lacking as to the exact cause of the blaze, it is believed to have its origin in the cellar, in the area of the heating boiler. Leo Sholley, proprietor of the station, was attending morning church services when the blaze was discovered by his brother, John Sholley, who was an attendant at the station. In addition to housing the auto service, the large framed building also housed a taproom, large store room where used furniture was bought and sold, and on the second floor was the nearly completed apartment being built by Mr. Sholley for his future living quarters. Water to assist in arresting the flames was not available immediately upon the arrival of the firemen, who were obliged to run a line from a fire plug in the borough limits to the burning building. Elizabethville firemen pumped water from the Wiconisco Creek, a distance of but 150 feet from the building. Flames roared high in the air, burning insulation from high tension wires of the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company, interrupting electric service in Lykens and Elizabethville for more than a half-hour. Presumably caused by terrific heat from the burning building was the running of electric motors in the gasoline pumps in front of the building, which spurted gasoline for a considerable distance, harrassing, for a time, the work of the firemen. The Miller home, across the street from the burning building, was slightly damaged, but the fire was kept under control and spreading was prevented.

Additional Notes:
The above text references the location of this fire as "west of Lykens" and refers to running hose lines from within the borough limits. It should be noted that the location of this fire was not in the Borough of Lykens at the time. Sholley's was located on the north side of Main Street, just east of the Wiconisco Creek bridge. The area west of Division Street, between the Wiconisco and Rattling Creeks, did not become part of the Borough until the annexation of April 1958.

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