Incident Detail: 1978 Call No. 03

Call No.  3
Time Out
Time In

 Hotel Lykens 

No Photo Available for This Incident

January 13, 1978

Jim Hoffman recalls the following:
The fire occurred on a Friday night, Friday the 13th. I heard the sirens ringing and went outside to see what was going on. There was a heavy snow storm occurring at the time, with several inches of snow on the ground. The heavily falling snow made visibility very limited. I walked up the street to watch, along with my neighbors, Paul and Sid Hoffman. We stood at the corner of Main and Market Streets, next to what was then the empty lot where the old dry cleaners building had been torn down - it was not yet the grass park in front of Community Bank. I remember how quiet the streets sounded because of the heavy snow. Sirens could be heard coming from off in the distance. As we looked up Main Street, Williamstown's engine's flashing red lights slowly appeared through the densely falling snow. The fire was located in a fourth floor apartment on Market Street side of the building. It was a smoldering mattress that had somehow caught on fire and pushed a lot of smoke into the apartment and fourth floor hallway. (careless smoking perhaps?) The crew threw the blackened mattress out the window, and it landed in the snow on the sidewalk below. Because the snow was coming down so heavily, the top of the hotel could barely be seen from the street, and there was no fire or smoke visible. I remember a lot of apparatus, a lot of lights, heavy snow, limited visibility, and little or no fire. Fire apparatus from Lykens, Wiconisco, Williamstown, and I believe Elizabethville were there.

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