Incident Detail: 1973 Call No. 01

Call No.  1
Time Out
Time In

 Structure Fire 
 500-Block North 2nd Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

February 11, 1973

On a Sunday afternoon, Company 22 received an alarm for a house fire at the White residence on North Second Street. Companies 22 and 23 responded and were on scene with a working fire. There were a couple of rooms off. While heavily involved at that scene, people came running telling of a garage burning in the alley between Main and South Second Streets, to the rear of the carriage house. Tom Welker was observing near Engine-22 and Earl "Grass" Buffington told him to get on the radio and call for Elizabethville and Williamstown to respond to the garage fires. Looking over the tops of the houses towards the area of the reported garage fire, you could easily see the growing column of smoke.

See the garage fire incident for more details.

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