Incident Detail: 1968 Call No. 01

Call No.  1
Time Out
Time In

 Crums, Carsonville 

April 21, 1968

A warm spring Sunday evening was interrupted by the sound of house sirens in several Upper Dauphin County communities. The companies were alerted to a house fire in Carsonville. The residence of the Charles Crum family was totally destroyed by fire that evening. Firefighters from Elizabethville, Fisherville, Halifax, Powells Valley, and Lykens responded to the alarm. Lykens had a difficult time getting to the fire because of heavy traffic caused by spectators going to the scene. Water to fight the fire was obtained from a large pond near the home. But the pond was inaccessable by the fire trucks. Numerous portable pumps were used to supply the engines. By the end of the fire, the pond was almost dry. Several times the pumps were moved to keep a water supply available. Elizabethville responded with both pumpers (64 Hahn and 34 Studebaker) and Lykens responded with the 41 International and the 67 International (which was in service only a few months). Quite a mix of old and new apparatus at this call.

Thanks to Tom Welker for the details of this call.

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