Incident Detail: 2006 Call No. 52

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Call No.  52
Time Out
Time In
 Water Rescue 
 Rattling Creek 

June 29, 2006

Company-22, Engine-23, Rescue-66, Rescue-21, and Boat-20 were dispatched to rescue a juvenile that was trapped in the rushing water of rain-swollen Rattling Creek behind the Reiff and Nestor Plant in Lykens Borough.

An early-teens male was found clutching onto a rock bout 25 feet from shore. The water was high and swift, endangering the boy from being swept off the rock. Truck-22 arrived and the crew immediately threw a line to the patient. Other units secured lines further down stream. A 28-foot extension ladder was lowered onto a rock about three feet in front of the patient and was secured to shore. Boat-20 personnel donned cold water gear and went out onto the ladder to perform the rescue. The patient was very hypothermic and needed much assistance removing himself from the rock. He was brought ashore and transferred to a waiting Medic-6 ambulance. During the latter stages of the rescue, it was learned that there could be three other individuals in the water somewhere downstream. Search parties were sent along the creek to look for them while the patient's friends and family were contacted to inquire of the others' whereabouts. All others were confirmed to be out of the water. The patient was transported to Harrisburg Hospital.

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