Incident Detail: 2006 Call No. 21

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Call No.  21
Time Out
Time In
 Structure Fire 
 403 Market Street 

March 27, 2006

A first alarm assignment was dispatched for a fire in a multi-family apartment building on the corner of North Second and Market Streets in Lykens, bringing Engine-22, Truck-22, Engine-23, Squad-23, Engine-24, Rescue-66, Truck-20, and Tower City Air-Lite-66-60. Engine-22 responded with a crew of six and took side-A of the structure connecting to a hydrant at the corner of North Second and Market Streets. Truck-22 responded with a crew of seven and approached the structure from the North Second Street side, setting up on side-B. Fire was located on side-B on the exterior wall, next to the entrance to the laundry room. The occupant of an apartment on the first floor called 911, and took the extinguisher on the first floor to the exterior wall and extinguished the fire before arrival of any apparatus. Truck-22's crew pulled siding and ceiling and wall board, checking for any extensions. Engine-22's crew had a line pulled and checked all other apartments for smoke, finding none. Chief-22 had command, and held the box to Company-22, with all other units placed available. Crews awaited the arrival of the property owner who was briefed on the condition of the property. The power circuit breaker to the laundry room had tripped and a crew set the breaker to the full off position. Fire had extended about two feet to either side of a power circuit and light fixture at the side of the exterior entrance. After confirming the status of the building as safe, the box was placed in service.

Checking for Extensions
Waiting for the Owner

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