Incident Detail: 2005 Call No. 25

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Call No.  25
Time Out
Time In
 Accident with injuries 
 Main & Market Streets 

April 9, 2005

While Chief 22, Chief 22-2, and Captain 22 were in Station 22, a loud screech followed by a crash, a pause, and another crash sound was heard. Chief 22-2 went down to Market Street and observed two vehicles that had been involved in an accident at the intersection with Main Street. Chief 22-2 returned to the station and started Engine 22, Captain 22 called in the accident by radio, and Chief 22 responded to the scene. County dispatched Engine 22 and Engine 23. Engine 22 responded with a crew of three and went on scene, noting two vehicles involved, with the two occupants of one car out on the sidewalk and the other vehicle up on the sidewalk resting against the corner of the Lykens Hotel, with the driver still behind the wheel. Chief 22-2, an EMT, assessed the driver of this vehicle. Captain 22 checked out the two occupants of the other vehicle, who stated that they were not injured. The driver still in the vehicle was not confined, and Chief 22-2 established C-spine immobilization and relayed initial assessment to Chief 22, who in turn relayed information to dispatch to advise incoming EMS Medic 6 units. Engine 23 arrived on scene and stabilized the occupied vehicle with cribbing and assisted with patient care. PSP and Medic 6 arrived, and Company 22 and Company 23 personnel assisted with removing the patient from the vehicle and immobilizing on a long board with C-collar and straps. The patient was transferred to EMS, and Company 23 was released. Company 22 personnel cleaned up debris and were released from the scene.

Patient Care
Engine 23
Fire Police

Preparing for Extrication
Larry Hoke
Patient Extrication

Accident Scene

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