Incident Detail: 2004 Call No. 16

Call No.  16
Time Out
Time In
 Odor Investigation 
 213 Main Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

February 23, 2004

The company recieved two telephone calls for a reported odor problem at 213 Main Street, in the Borough of Lykens. The company arrived on the scene with PSP Lykens to effect an entry to the residence. Upon entry through an already broken rear window, it was discovered that the home was filled with a strong odor of sewer gas. In the living room, the carpet was soaked with water that smelled of mold and mildew. In the upstairs bathroom, a toilet (with nasty content) appeared to have been unflushed for several weeks. Upon trying to flush the toilet, it was found that the water to the building had been shut off. Also found in the residence, was an electric heater that was being used in the living room, another one in the upstairs hallway with an extension cord running into a bedroom, and a torpedo kerosene heater in the basement. All three heaters constituted an extreme fire hazard as they were not being used in the proper manner for which they were intended. The residence was also found to be an extreme fire hazard due to the fact that there was a lot of clothing and debris in close proximity to all three heaters. It was found that the floors in the dining room and the living room had buckled due to the amount of water that was soaked into the carpet. The Mayor and Code Enforcement Officer of the Borough were informed of the problems at this residence.

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