Incident Detail: 2004 Call No. 25

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Call No.  25
Time Out
Time In
 Accident with injuries 
 Main & Market Streets 

May 2, 2004

The company was dispatched to the intersection of Main and Market Streets for a vehicle accident with injuries and a vehicle into a structure. Paramedic Kraska and his wife Jen, a registered nurse, were on the scene reporting the accident. The company arrived to find one vehicle into the Market Street side of a 3-story multi-family apartment building, wedged into a fire escape. A second vehicle was located on the highway on the Main Street side of the structure. Each vehicle was occupied by one driver. Paramedic Kraska was with the patient located in the vehicle on the Market Street side and RN Kraska was with the patient in the vehicle located on the Main Street side. Initial assessment found no road hazards and minor spills on Main Street. Personnel secured both vehicles and assisted EMS with patient extrication and care. After patient removal, the vehicles were removed and personnel used barricade tape to secure the area around the dangling fire escape. After street cleanup, the company cleared the scene.

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