Incident Detail: 2004 Call No. 13

Call No.  13
Time Out
Time In
 Dryer Fire 
 29 Main Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

February 10, 2004

Engine and Truck 22 were dispatched for a reported dryer fire in a commercial laundromat at 25 East Main Street in Lykens Borough. Also dispatched were Engine and Squad 23, Engine 24, and Rescue-21. Chief-22 responded to the scene and, upon his arrival, advised incoming units that the reported fire was a pilot light on one of the gas fired dryers in the laundromat. Companies 23, 24, and 21 were placed in service. Company-22 remained on the scene and investigated to ensure no other possible problems. Chief-22 spoke with the caller and was informed that a flame could be seen flickering over one of the dryers. It was determined that the ornamental name plate on the dryer in question had been removed some time ago, and the hole in the metal, where the plate used to be, allowed the pilot light behind it to be seen from outside of the building. Company-22 cleared the event at 9:47 PM.

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