Incident Detail: 2004 Call No. 04

Call No.  4
Time Out
Time In
 527 Spruce Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

January 16, 2004

After attempts to contact the property owner, a lady in a first floor apartment called 911 to report water flowing down through her ceiling in her bathroom. The cold weather and vacant apartments, with electric heat turned off, had caused water pipes in the wall to break. Company-22 was dispatched and responded to the scene. Attempts were made to contact the owner, who was advised over the telephone that we would need to open vacant upstairs apartment doors to locate the source of the leak. He told the company to "do what we have to do." The upstairs apartment door to unit-5 was forced open, but no source of the water was found. The basement door was forced open and water meters were located. The apartment-6 meter was shut off, and the leak stopped. Personnel on the scene shut off electric circuits and heat that were affected by the water. A water vacuum was used to clean up as much water from the floor as was possible for the resident. A maintenence crew, sent by the owner, later arrived on the scene.

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