Incident Detail: 1909 Call No. 03

Call No.  3
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 Rudisill property 

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May 30, 1909

Fire alarm sounded on Sunday, May 30, 1909, at 11:30 AM. Fire broke out at Rudisill property on the corner of North Second Street and Pine Street. The company responded with both carts and made three connections, and had water turned on at both plugs. Not much damage was done, covered with insurance.

Newspaper Article:
Lykens Standard: Friday, June 4, 1909
Slight Fire Sunday
Last Sunday, about 11:30am, while J.R.Fisher and H.E.Sheesley were sitting on the front porch of the former's residence on North Second Street, East of Pine Street, Mr Fisher noticed smoke issuing from the roof of one of the Rudisill properties on Pine Street occupied by James McCann, formerly of Duncannon. Being satisfied that there was fire somewhere in the house, Mr Fisher went to the telephone in his store and called up Central to notify Liberty Hose Company. Mr Sheesley in the meantime carried his double ladders to the McCann home and had them erected just as the firemen arrived, who in a few minutes found the fire, which was caused by a defective flue, and extinguished the flames. The loss is estimated at about $200.00, covered by insurance with the J. H. Rowe & Sons' Agency in Millersburg. A.A.Rudisill desires us to thank all who assisted at the fire.

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