Incident Detail: 1908 Call No. 01

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October 16, 1908

Fire broke out at the property of George Spangler on North Second Street on October 16, 1908 at 11:15 AM. The company responded with both carts but did not attach hose.

Newspaper Article

Pigeon Sets Roof on fire.

Tuesday morning about 11:30 o'clock, the roof at the west end of George Spangler's residence on North Second street was noticed to be on fire around the chimney and an alarm was turned in, but the services of the Fire Department were not required, as the flames were extinguished before their arrival upon the scene.

Shortly before that, several pigeons with bunches of fire-crackers tied to their legs, and which had escaped un-injured from a shooting match north of town, or were to be used in a match at some future time, were seen flying about in that section, pieces of burning firerackers falling in an adjoining yard. One of the pigeons alighted on Mr. Spangler's chimney and no doubt particles of the burning crackers fell down alongside the chimney and caused the fire, as there had been no fire in any of the stoves in that end of the building for some time.

This should be a warning to parties who use fire crackers to make pigeons fly faster, as they would be responsibe for any damage resulting there from.

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