Incident Detail: 1906 Call No. 02

Call No.  2
Time Out
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 Short Mountain Colliery 

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February 25, 1906

On the morning of Sunday, February 25, 1906, a fire started in a partition on the second story of the building which housed the Lykens Valley Coal Company's sawmill and machine, carpentry, and blacksmith shops. The watchman, George Ely, did not discover it until it burst out. He went to sound the fire alarm, which was always done by sounding the whistle closest to the scene of a fire, and at 2:10 a.m. the "bull" whistle sounded, followed later by the other whistles at the mines. When he returned from giving the alarm, the entire structure was in flames and it was impossible to save anything. Liberty Hose Company No. 2 responded promptly and both carts were conveyed to the scene of the fire. There was nothing which could be done and the shops were completely destroyed. Damage was $15,000, fully covered by insurance.

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