Incident Detail: 1904 Call No. 07

Call No.  7
Time Out
Time In
 Sheaffer's Knitting Mill 

September 27, 1904

Fire broke out in the Sheaffer's Knitting Mill, situated on the South side of Pottsville Street in Wiconisco. Liberty Hose Company No. 2 of Lykens was then telephoned for and responded promptly with full apparatus. The company connected to a private fire plug in front of Kimmel & Co.'s Store. Having no water pressure, the company was compelled to retreat, leaving two sections of hose on the plug. That being the only fire plug in Wiconisco, the company was helpless for about twenty minutes until connections could be made at Short Mountain Colliery pump at the coal yard. Two lines of hose were then connected. Due to hose bursting, the firemen were handicapped at times. In the mean time, Hood McKay, Superintendant of the Colliery, had a line of pipe laid from the mines It was was laid in a very short time. The flames were spreading very rapidly. By orders of Chief Engineer Vernon Mitchell, the Maurer building, occupied by Fred Batdorf, was torn down to prevent the flames from spreading across the alley to the Wiconisco Hotel owned by J. H. Pontious. Damage to the company was eleven sections of hose, several hose drags, one plug strap, and three gum coats. The property destroyed by the fire was valued at $65,000, loss of $43,975. The company responded at 9 PM on Tuesday evening and stayed until 12 noon on Wednesday.

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