Incident Detail: 1901 Call No. 01

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 Hotel Glen 

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February 27, 1901

The first fire of 1901 was at the Hotel Glen on the corner of Market and South Second Streets. The alarm sounded at 4:30 PM. The company responded to the scene of the fire. Connections were made at the plug in front of Ed Shire's house and the fire was put out. Supposition of the cause was that the son of William Troupe was playing with matches in a closet. Damages were $120.
Additional Information:
A newspaper article reported that the fire was in Room #3 on the second floor, which was occupied by William Troupe, his wife, and little son. The family lost all their clothing (except for what they were wearing and some clothes kept in another part of the room), two handsome chenille curtains, two large crayon portraits, about 50 photographs, and a number of Christmas gifts. Total value of their loss was $150. The proprietor of the hotel, G. J Bingaman, reported a loss of $175, which was covered by insurance.

Other notes:
Several buckets of water were used on the fire, no stream.

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