Incident Detail: 1981 Call No. 01

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February 7, 1981

Due to problems with numerous water leaks in the privately owned water system in Elizabethville, citizens were asked to conserve water. But the leaks continued to drain the system. There had been problems finding the leaks. But, finally after several nights of searching, during a streak of good luck, several leaks were repaired. The reservoir was supplied by springs and a few wells. The water level in the reservoirs were dangerously low. A meeting was requested by the water company owners, Elizabethville's fire company, Elizabethville Borough, and the local Elizabethville emergency management officials. The Borough officials of Lykens were contacted and permission was granted to haul water from Lykens to refill the smallest reservoir in Elizabethville. A plan was made and, in the late evening hours of this date, a tanker shuttle was started under supervision of DEP. Tankers from Lykens, Elizabethville, and Leshers Milk Hauling Service of Fisherville hauled water. They were filled at a hydrant at the First Bridge in Lykens and hauled to a point near the reservoir in Elizabethville, where the water was offloaded into a porta-tank and Elizabethville's 1964 Hahn pumper pumped it up the mountain into the reservoir. The shuttle ran for almost eight hours, into the early morning, hauling in excess of 80,000 gallons of water. Water restrictions continued in Elizabethville for weeks after this. It was a cold dry winter and all municipalites were taking some kind of conservation measures.

Note: Several years after this, the private water company was purchased by the Borough of Elizabethville and is now managed by a local authority which has improved, upgraded, and expanded the service far into Washington Township.

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